Italy! Revel in the history. culture. beauty. cuisine.

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Unique and personalized trip-planning by Kimberly Holcombe, whose creativity and ridiculous attention to detail, makes for an exceptional and stress-free journey.


Immerse Yourself

Kimberly’s Italy crafts itineraries that engage you with Italy and it’s people. If you’d like a private vineyard tour in Tuscany, then her friend Paolo is your man. A private tour of beautiful Lake Como by boat? Then it’s Mattia of course. A romantic dinner under a canopy of wisteria? Beatrice and her family’s restaurant will serve you a meal you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

You will return from your trip knowing that you lived like an Italian. You lived La Dolce Vita.

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Carefully Chosen & Thoughtfully Presented

I offer two options of Travel Planning, both an Hourly Rate and a Daily Rate.

For those of you that want the comfort of knowing that every single detail of your trip will be planned and tailored specifically for you, the Daily Rate allows you to essentially just arrive and enjoy all that was organized for you according to your wish list.  As well as a digital pdf of your itinerary, you can also request a hand made itinerary book, which I’ve been told make for great conversation starters at breakfast!

The Hourly Rate is for those that want my expertise in finding unique accommodations, thought-provoking and fascinating places to visit, things to do off the tourist radar and a table at my favorite restaurants.

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Honeymoons ~ Luna di Miele

Italy is the most idyllic country for a honeymoon because it’s all about the Amore!

Planning a wedding is time consuming enough, so eliminate the stress of organizing your honeymoon as well and let Kimberly’s Italy create the most memorable trip of your life.

The options for a romantic honeymoon in Italy are limitless. We will discuss all the possibilities and once you choose, Kimberly’s Italy will take care of every detail, ensuring an Amore-filled honeymoon.

And just think, only in Italy will you start each day with a heart on top of your cappuccino.

Group Trips for Friends or Families 

What’s better than multiplying the fun on a vacation in Italy with friends or family. However, having someone outside the group plan it is the best idea yet! No one has to bear the brunt of the logistics or time spent wondering if the rental villa is really as good as the photos look online.

Whatever the group’s ideal vacation entails, Kimberly can make it happen. Private local chefs for each night or just a few, a fleet of Vespas (fun), entertaining hiking guides, or a private 4-hour food walking tour (tasty) are just a few teasers of what awaits you.

I have also accompanied groups of friends or family on week long trips who appreciate my local knowledge and role as a translator, photographer and wine lover.


Why choose Kimberly’s Italy?

There is more travel information online than ever before, however the amount of time and patience required to sift through all of it is overwhelming.  The abundance of reviews from travel sites also make it difficult to distinguish authentic reviews from sponsored ones.  

I offer a very personal approach to make sure your trip is perfect. My clients have found this to be the most endearing aspect since I get as excited about the trip as they do.



Kimberly Holcombe lived in Milano in her 30’s while she pursued her fashion photography career. Even after she returned to the states, begrudgingly due to new EU laws, she knew that Italy would be part of her life forever. She has shared her love of all things Italian with her friends for years, curating trips for everyone that wanted “to live La Dolce Vita” like she had.
Inevitably, she decided to offer her secret spots and insider knowledge to those that crave the perfect Italian vacation.

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