Sugo di Roma

Before I tell you about the Mafia mistake, I promised to include a few recipes that I learned from many friendly Italian neighbors who were horrified that I didn’t know how to make a proper Italian meal. So, let me start with my personal favorite from one of my other neighbors, Susanna. Don’t worry, Signora Bergamaschi will play a big part on this blog.

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My first few months in Milan

Let me tell you about my first “apartment” after Antonio’s boarding house. It was actually just a room in an apartment owned by an old Italian woman who lived alone. Signora Capellini didn’t speak a word of English and I was only just learning Italian myself. I had been fluent in Spanish earlier so it wasn’t too hard to pick up. However, unlike Spanish, basically every single verb in Italian is irregular, so I spent several weeknights studying in my little room.

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