Kind words from happy travellers!

We had an amazing time! I can’t thank you enough for your help in our planning!

Everything that we did in Italy that you had a hand in, made our trip that much better!

From arriving in each city with a dinner reservation – to the private drivers- private tour of Pompeii. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with your driver in the Amalfi coast. He was the best representative for the Amalfi area…. enjoyable, personable and gave us such a great private tour as we drove along that beautiful, winding road on the coast.

Our day with Marco in the Tuscan area was also a highlight of our trip. We enjoyed our time with him touring the Tuscan countryside, with stops in Montepulciano and Pienza. He also took us to this tiny organic family run winery and we got to meet the father daughter duo that ran the winery!

Loved it!

I have to say that my MOST favorite meal of my trip was in Florence at the Antico Fattore. You had made us a reservation upon our arrival in the city. When I tell you that we had THE perfect table….. we felt like we were extra special guests of the restaurant! The food, the service, the ambience. Absolutely THE BEST.

Carol Ann, Old Saybrook, CT


The entire week on the trip, I kept thinking that this vacation should be targeted to people who really need a break but won’t step out of their comfort zone of planned vacations, same time, same place, same crowd. That was what I most enjoyed. The best of all is after arriving, you will be treated by Kim to a week of great venues, food and wine that you will play back weeks later, eyes closed, over and over.


Our Honeymoon was FANTASTIC!

Our honeymoon began in Lake Como because Kim convinced us it would be a beautiful and romantic place to start our life together. She had her favorite driver pick us up at the airport knowing that he should be the first Italian we meet – being this was our first trip to Italy. Kim gave us a list of the most idyllic villages to visit by boat and where to go for the best gelato, cappuccino, pizza, etc… And I’m not sure that she arranges this for everyone, but her friends gave us a ride on their boat up the lake to the most amazing restaurant we have ever been to. That was a night we will never forget.

Sean and Cansas
Denver, CO

Kimberly’s Italy made my first visit to Italy truly remarkable!

Having never traveled to Europe before, I found that Kimberly’s Italy made my first visit to Italy truly remarkable and something I will always treasure. I was free to experience everything that the stunning Lake Como, and the magnificent surrounding towns had to offer, without any concern. Everything was organized perfectly and my only obligation was to show up ready to have a good time. And to my great pleasure, each day just got better and better. I appreciated the opportunities Kim gave us to be on our own as well as the activities we shared together as a group. So glad I said Yes! to this trip.

Cintra, Succasunna, NJ
Da Morire!

Kimberly Holcombe is an Italian treasure!

Her unending enthusiasm, coupled with her knowledge and love of Italy was clearly evident in every step of our trip. Worried about not speaking a word of Italian? Don’t!  Just let Kim accompany you. She will take care of every detail, and charm every Italian along the way!

Her well curated accommodations, restaurants and tours of hidden cities, were all truly “Bell Ringers”!

However, nothing could top her arranging for us to tour Rome on vintage Vespas. What could be more fun than zooming around Rome for 3 hours, clinging to handsome Italians, and finally being dropped off at the Vatican!

It was an unforgettable trip, and I can’t wait to go back!

Rosanne (Rosanna) from Newport, RI

Kimberly thought of everything!

Kimberly is clearly passionate about Amalfi since she planned the most amazing vacation for us. The taxis and drivers always seemed to arrive early at our hotel and the boat tickets were waiting with our morning coffee. She reserved our magnificent hotel just blocks from town eight months earlier. Our small group stayed in the five best rooms, with terraces overlooking the Salerno Gulf. She sent us to all the best restaurants in the area, yet off the tourists’ radar. They were usually small, family-owned places with sources for the freshest seafood and all the ingredients grown on their local farms. Our group always seemed to get that special table under the wisteria or with the ocean view. Kimberly had thought of everything because she is passionate about Amalfi and passionate about sharing the Amalfi experience.

Andrew and Mary
Portsmouth, NH

Kim's knowledge of Italia's culture and customs really made for a special trip

Kim organized a very special trip that, even for those who had been to Italia previously, was exceptional in many ways.  Yet, what I appreciated the most was her teaching us about, and encouraging us to embrace the culture wherever we went.

At the beginning of our trip, she gave us Italian names which we have continued to use with each other ever since our return.  We were greeted warmly by all Italians because Kim taught us to say simple things such as “lei parla inglese? and Grazie mille”.  As well, she taught us to sip our delicious cappuccinos since we should never order a second one, and under any circumstance, never ask for one in a to-go cup! (How Americana!).

With her fluency, we were able to develop deeper connections that made for unique experiences, such as an invitation from the wine merchant in Monopoli to visit his family’s multi-generation olive oil business.  And in another Puglian village, the chef in a small family owned restaurant served us every dessert personally because he was so proud to share his specialities with such engaging dinner guests.

Kim’s knowledge of Italia’s culture and customs really made for a special trip.  I encourage you to have her organize yours… and convince her to go with you!

Nina (Ninetta) from Wellesley, MA

She is an Italian living in an American body!

I have just returned from a tour of Lago di Como that was a priceless experience, and one far beyond my wildest expectations. However, the real treasure on this trip, the reason to come back, is Kim Holcombe. She is an Italian living in an American body, a woman who revels in the beauty and charming simplicity of the Italian people and culture. She has an enthusiasm that is contagious and an eye for finding the perfect experience to sample the true spirit of this country and locale. She is the local source for all things including the amazing food and wine, and she has a sense of humor that is hard to beat! We were rarely in crowded venues because she knows where the hidden gems are that allow you to linger over details, meals, and memories without tourists and cameras at your elbow.

So I am hooked on Kimberly’s Italy and will measure all future trips against this incredibly high standard.

Kim, Bethesda, MD

Every detail of the trip was planned to perfection

My favorite trip to Italy by far – an authentic dive into local Italian culture, complete with unforgettable regional food, stunning scenery, and perfect accommodations. Every detail of the trip was planned to perfection, creating a relaxing yet rich travel experience. The daily decision of “espresso or cappuccino?” was my only source of stress. And Kim is an amazing host – charming, knowledgeable, and fun!

Bridgit, Highpoint NC

Think of her as the trusted Zagat guide to Italy.

If you truly want to make the best of your time in Bella Italia, don’t waste your holiday being underwhelmed by choosing the wrong accommodations, places to visit, restaurants, or underestimating how much time to spend in an area. Kimberly is lauded for her expertise and intimate knowledge of the various regions of Italy -yes, all 20 of them! Particularly if you’ve never ventured outside of a major Italian city andoff the beaten path north to the mountains and lakes, or south to the greek influenced villages.

Kimberly is a master at helping you choose destinations that suit your interests and hand-picking activities that fit your pace -the goal is to have fun and enjoy your vacation with zero stress. Kimberly is fluent in Italian and devotes herself to crafting personalized, creative itineraries that meet your every whim and fancy as well as supporting and connecting with the small family run businesses in each region. You will have an authentic perspective of living like a local and engaging with the community and the spirit of the citizens sharing their pride in their country and culture with ready smiles and heartfelt welcomes. The only decision you have to make is what to wear! She has literally thought of everything and has vetted places for you. Think of her as the trusted Zagat guide to Italy.

Focusing solely on Italy and visiting multiple times a year, she has built trusted relationships with the small hotels, restaurants, boat taxi drivers, …For example, knowing I prefer walking everywhere once I arrive at a destination, she chose a car free zone in a private neighborhood in Rome where I could walk right outside the door of my apartment and be within steps from cafes, restaurants, an organic grocer, boutique shops and famous sights. And as my 80 year old mother did not have the stamina to walk the whole of Rome in three days but being adventurous, Kimberly arranged arranged a private 3 hour vespa tour on our last day in Rome. Two dashing vespa drivers picked us up and we sped all through the city and Trastevere’s cobblestone streets on our sassy vintage 1950’s vespas. The cherry on top was being dropped off at the Vatican on our vespas!

Chiara (Kate) from Jamestown, RI

We highly recommend Kimberly and her travelling services

My wife and I, along with long time good friends, had the pleasure of being accompanied by Kimberly on a fantastic trip to Umbria. Kimberly, who has lived and travelled extensively in Italy, had an amazing portfolio of ideas for activities, restaurants and sites to see, and for those who don’t know Italian, she can fluently assist. Kimberly was so fun to be with, and in no time, we were all very comfortable together. And thanks to professional planning by Kimberly, we got to see everything we wanted, and then some. We highly recommend Kimberly and her travelling services. She will literally break a leg to get you to amazing places and on time.

Jan and Brigit, Los Angeles, CA

It was so easy to have someone else take care of all the little details

My husband and I love Italy, we’ve been often both individually and together. We love the culture, food, wine, people, the shopping! We love it all. Still as often as we’ve been, we have never enjoyed such a unique and diverse trip as the recent one that Kimberly’s Italy planned for us. She arranged for meals at excellent restaurants ranging from small and family run to big, famous and upscale…..and each one was excellent. It was so easy to have someone else take care of all the little details, so we could just enjoy the experience with no stress! We spent a week in Umbria and one in the Amalfi Coast as well, and we are anxious for our next adventure with Kim at the helm!

Kathy and Steve, Park City, Utah

A travel experience that exceeds on every level

Kimberly’s Italy specifically created a travel experience that exceeds on every level. Kim’s extensive knowledge of the area coupled with her love of everything Lake Como is an unbeatable match for anyone seeking a travel experience of a lifetime. At the end of the third day I said to my friends, “if the trip had to end tomorrow, I can easily say this is one of the best vacations I’ve ever had”. Luckily, we had four more days of pure bliss. You’ll leave your heart in Lake Como, I did!

Holly, Cambridge, MA

We chose Kimberly’s Italy to curate an unforgettable private tour

Celebrating our anniversary, we chose Kimberly’s Italy to curate an unforgettable private tour of Tuscany and Umbria. Kim provided a range of options for our consideration and handled all the fine little details that made our trip fun, stress free and really special. From the beautiful handcrafted day planner Kim made for us to the arrangements with wineries, enotecas and trattorias that she selected this was the double insider trip into the heart of Italy. If you want a handcrafted Italian experience that introduces you to the beautiful food, wine and people of Italy we would highly recommend Kimberly’s Italy.

Jeff and Abby, New York, NY