Kimberly's Italy Lake Como

A trip to experience and enjoy the Italian life

Spring & Fall 2019 – Dates TBD




Let us show you the posti segreti / secret spots of this stunning glacial lake. It is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. The 26 mile long shoreline is dotted with idyllic villages and surrounded by snow capped mountains, making it one of the most visually dramatic landscapes anywhere.

Architecturally it is a wonder as well, with Roman and Gothic churches scattered throughout and stunning villas, rich in history and in color, set among terraced landscaping, for which Italy is renowned. The word majestic best describes the lake and it’s villas.

This is an active trip that will include a lot of walking. Some villages are quite hilly and there are ancient paths we will walk from village to village. These paths are now mostly groomed and allow you to see the region as it was hundreds of years ago. A more adventurous hike one day takes about three hours up a mountain to a Rifugio / rustic hut, that serves simple, yet delicious meals. This particular rifugio is run by a lovely family who embraces you the moment you walk in the door. They raise all the animals and grow all the food you will eat, a true farm to table experience. The vista is breathtaking, the air is as fresh and fragrant as it gets, and it might be the best lunch of your life, partly due to the fact you just hiked up a mountain!


You also travel to Italy to eat!  Life in Italy revolves around the kitchen, and they learn from an early age to appreciate all that goes into each recipe, so they eat slowly and appreciate every meal. And so will you!

Get your taste buds ready for homemade and hand rolled pasta, local whitefish lemon ravioli, risotto with truffles, spaghetti with zucchini flowers, and pizza like nowhere else in the world. It’s their claim to fame and they deserve it. We should also point out that Italians are also responsible for gifting the world with cappuccino, gelato, and Tiramisu, all of which you will have on our trip, as often as you’d like.

Each restaurant we take you to makes everything from scratch with local, regional and seasonal ingredients. They prepare their favorite recipes for us and pair the appropriate wine with each course.

Just imagine, seven days and nights of the best food in the world, in our humble opinion anyway!


We will stay the entire week at an old boat house that has recently been converted into an albergo / inn. The long and narrow rooms are where they once made the wooden boats that serviced the lake. Two brothers own the inn and did an amazing job on the restoration, dedicating all the space to the beautiful rooms and restaurant. There is no lobby, so it’s just us in our private boat house! Each room has an en suite bathroom and a view of the lake. We will start our day each morning with breakfast in their charming restaurant or on their terrace and then, andiamo / off we go!